Summer 22′ – Fall 22′

The Project

Our team was called in to this project to demolish the existing concrete porch which had been incorrectly built by the previous contractor and had no footings. Because of this the porch was starting to sink and the city advised it needed to be fixed.

The Vision

The vision was simple, a new place to enjoy those beautiful summer days sitting on the porch, spending some time with the family working on the garden and really creating a feeling of home.

Our client decided they wanted to change things up with their new porch, they went with a smaller sized porch to add in a large garden bed and changed out the old concrete walkway with a new natural stone walkway leading all the way to the back. 

The Difficulties

This project presented it’s own unique set of challenges, from the original concrete porch having 3′ thick concrete walls, a 2′ thick platform and filled with rebar and wire mesh place all throughout the structure which was done completely wrong. 

Unfortunately our industry continues to feel the after affects of the covid related delays and we were pushed weeks behind while waiting for various materials to finally come in for us to complete the project.


Additionally we installed new sod, a river rock drain between properties, a driveway interlocking extension and applied a driveway sealant to the neighbours property!