Summer 22′ | Front Of Home Stone Veneer 

The Project

Our team was called in to this project to install stone veneer on the front of our clients home, including the 2 chimneys and second floor above the garage. Also to install new stone window sills and to replace the existing stone covers on the chimneys.

The Vision

The vision our client had was to change the look the house has had for the entirety of their time living there being the standard red brick and change things up by installing the stone veneer to refresh the home and give it that new, more modern and up to date look.

The Difficulties

This project didn’t hit us with anything we haven’t faced in the past luckily. The stones used were a bit tricky as the sizes were all completely different and caused some time delays as some areas needed to be measured multiple times to ensure the closest possible size match. Beyond that everything went smoothly and mostly as planned.

Services & Extras

The services provided included installing stone veneer, installing new stone window sills, installing new chimney top stone covers, chemical cleaning and power washing.